Starting a new job is always equally thrilling and terrifying–I always seem to get a knot in my stomach whenever I am handed my first assignment at an internship or job, yet I am equally eager to show my team the great work that I can accomplish. Beginning my journey as a PR Intern here at SA this fall, I can already tell that this will be a place where I will be challenged and pushed out of my comfort zone–the intern’s dream.

In my first few days at the office, I learned a lot about what it will be like to work in an agency setting. Having had experience in non-profit organizations, the culture and work is vastly different and I am excited for the constant change of pace. With a constantly changing status quo on the agency career path, here are a few tips I’ve learned about how to thrive in the agency life and specifically about “finding a better way” with SA:

   1. Ask a lot of questions. In my interview with Strategic America, I emphasized how much I love to ask questions, which they loved and I knew right away I would fit in well here. A few decades ago, asking questions might have been frowned upon by professionals. No longer the case–collaboration and question asking is KEY to success. This has best been shown to me in the amount of conversation and idea-bouncing that I constantly hear around me from my corner cubicle.
   2. Be a good multi-tasker. Working in client services and especially in PR within an agency will ensure that you have your hands in a lot of different projects. It’s important to stay organized and be able to take on a few different tasks at once, because that’s what will be thrown at you whether you’re ready or not! My favorite way to keep things in order is by creating to-do lists–crossing things off becomes so rewarding!
   3. Get to know EVERYONE in the agency, not just in your department. On my first day in the office at SA, I was able to meet with the department heads of all areas of the organization. It was so helpful and informative and it made me realize how often I could potentially work with every corner of the agency. It’s important to get to know everyone because you never know which cubicle or office you might be stopping by next!
  4. Be passionate. Be eager to learn, excited about new projects and impressed with new innovations. Volunteer to take on tasks even if your plate is filling up because challenging yourself is the best way to make mistakes and learn. I couldn’t be more excited to get rolling in this internship with Strategic America!