Behind the Scenes of CSS Dev Conf 2015

Behind the Scenes of CSS Dev Conf 2015 I recently had the opportunity to work with the latest CSS Dev Conf at the Queen Mary in LA, and it was a blast. There were so many talented speakers, developers and programmers – making up the best conference experience for front-end developers and anyone who loves to code websites.

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PR Measurement and Results

PR Measurement: Three Reasons Why AVEs Are No Longer Relevant

  Historically, the PR industry has always struggled with how to measure appropriately public relations. With the onset of social media, channels have multiplied faster than the industry could keep up with and determining an ROI proved to be even more difficult than before. There has been a lack of standardization in PR measurement and no common ground on what matters the most.

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101 Blog Ideas

Has anyone ever asked you to write a blog? Did you have trouble coming up with an idea to write about? Are you a robot programmed to write blogs? If you are, you don’t need this information. If you aren’t, then I have the cure for your no-blog-idea blues (also available as a salve): SA’s List of 101 Blog Ideas.

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