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What does it take to make a great workplace? Hint: It’s not a physical facility. And while important, it’s not even the compensation and benefits. According to Workplace Dynamics, it’s the feeling that everyone is able to contribute and see their value toward an organization’s success.

SA is one of those great workplaces. Earlier this year, after being nominated by one of our associates, then conducting a survey among our employees, we can officially announce that SA is – a Top Iowa Workplace!

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending a luncheon honoring large, medium-sized and small businesses across the state. Sponsored by the Des Moines Register, we heard some of the stories of other businesses named as recipients. Some, we can proudly say, are clients of SA.

Some are well-known brands, others fall into the category of being best-kept secrets. We can help them with that! All proudly are doing business to make a difference in their respective fields.

At SA, we’ve known that top workplaces communicate well, recognize accomplishments, support employees, families, and causes in their community. We’ve always believed that this business, like many others, is a team sport. Collaboration matters.

And something as important as culture brings us together to accomplish what each of us individually would find difficult, if not impossible, to do on our own.

Thankfully, SA has an abundant supply of talent, of great clients, and of commitment to finding a better way, always.

Congratulations to our team! The best is yet to come!