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Last week wrapped up my last days as an intern with the public relations team here at Strategic America. It’s been a wonderful experience working alongside not just the PR team, but with members of other departments across the agency. I’ve really felt like a member of the SA team and have enjoyed getting to know everyone who works here.

While I’ve still done some of the normal intern things like picking up lunches for clients, I’ve also had the opportunity to work on some interesting client accounts and projects as well. I’ve had the opportunity to immerse myself in each of the clients we work with, and contribute to our motto of “finding a better way, always” for both current and new clients. But I think what has made this internship better than the others I’ve had is the people. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from some very talented people who have taught me about what it means to be successful in the “working world.”

Here are some things I’ve learned during my time in the intern cube:

  • Speak up – Take time to listen and learn, but don’t wait too long to contribute to the conversation when you’re sitting in meetings or brainstorms. The worst they can say is no, right!?
  • ASK QUESTIONS – Make sure you have all the information you need before starting a project. It’s so much easier to do the project correctly the first time around than fixing it three times after the fact.
  • Keep improving – No matter how good you think you are, there is always room for improvement. I’ve had the opportunity to take on projects that I knew would challenge me, but they made me better and I learned a lot along the way.
  • Own up to it – I know I’m not perfect (nowhere close) so when I mess up, I’ve always owned up to it. You are going to make mistakes, so just admit your error, learn from it, and do better the next time.

Although graduating with my degree from Drake is bittersweet, I’m so excited to be staying with SA in a different cube as a PR account coordinator. I’ve learned so much already from the people here and can’t wait to see the great things our team will accomplish!

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