Wildwoods Ranch

Making a profit is not the only thing companies must be concerned about. Important, of course, but today they need to consider CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility. It’s no longer an option for companies who want to present a positive brand—both for their own employees and the communities they serve.

A recent published study indicates that more than 8-in-10 consumers expect companies to be actively involved in causes that benefit their communities, and it’s growing. Making a societal difference adds to a company’s reputation and brand equity.

That’s why Strategic America devotes itself to numerous civic, community and industry causes. From board service to pro bono contribution of skilled talent to outright cash contributions; SA invests in causes such as community education, income and health through United Way (now in our 11th consecutive year of 100% participation). The broader list of our non-profit causes includes Youth Emergency Services, Bras for a Cause, Wildwood Hills Ranch, Meals from the Heartland, Ad Pros, Animal Rescue League, Broadlawns Medical Center Foundation, Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, Rock in Prevention, Employee and Family Resources, and Bravo Greater Des Moines, among others.

How Pro Bono Works at SA

For us, pro bono projects must be:

  1. Strategic in nature.
  2. Treated as an actual donation or contribution.
  3. Provide freedom to design and develop recommendations that fit the organization’s needs with a latitude for genuine creative expression.

In most cases, we require that any hard costs also be borne by the non-profit organization.

This approach has been met with some truly amazing results. Fund-raising success, organizational expansion, and key needs being met. Over the past two years, we have donated more than $700,000 in pro bono support of causes. That’s putting CSR into meaningful action, and something we are proud to contribute.