Measure Your Strategy With The Three O’s: Output, Outgrowth and Outcome

“So how do you measure PR?” This is a common question we get from our clients. A kneejerk answer would be, “Public relations is about building trust, which is not easily measured.” One could argue the perception versus reality of PR, but that is futile. What a PR agency considers a misconception is a client’s reality — and quite simply the reality is that we need to prove the value of PR to our clients.

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Ad:Tech 2014 Provides Insight Into Social Advertising and Data

Fellow marketing friends, 2015 is around the corner and more than one of us is going to be asked by the HIPPO (AKA – highest paid person in the organization) what’s worth valuable marketing budget dollars. Here is a recap from my recent adventure to Ad:Tech 2014 in New York, where all things involving trends and data analytics were discussed.

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