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Why SEO Isn’t Only For Your Digital Team

Published On: November 12, 2014 | Categories: Digital, Public Relations |

Remember the process your digital team first used as SEO took off in the web world? They researched and found which keywords you should be using on the pages of your site, and made sure the website’s meta tags included the keywords that would help your site rank higher on the SERP (search engine results page). While SEO is still a very important part of any digital/web team’s work, it’s becoming more and more important for your PR and content writing team to work on, as well.

Thanks to Google’s constant flux of search engine algorithm changes, SEO is no longer exclusively about which keywords you’re using in your website’s content and meta data. The emphasis is increasingly turning to creating high-quality content, which means tactics like keyword stuffing and duplicate or irrelevant content are big no-nos. Now, your website’s content needs to be focused, well-organized, written well and regularly refreshed.

At Strategic America, we like to stay organized with all this content by creating editorial calendars. Editorial calendars are incredibly useful to plan and track what content and topics you’re covering. The average company doesn’t have just one topic (or keyword) it wants to target. In fact, it might have closer to 15-20 topics that are all relevant to the company’s products or services.

Keep in mind that you can’t create quality content if you’re just switching from stuffing keywords in meta tags to stuffing keywords into a blog post or web page. The content has to be relevant to your target audience and focus on what the consumers want to read, which likely includes finding solutions to their problems. For example, we’re not just going to write about how energy efficient our client’s product is. We’re going to write about how you can make your home more energy efficient to save money on your utility bills, and mention how our client’s product or service may help you get there.

Our editorial calendars help us plan what to focus on at specific times of the year and tie certain topics to holidays, current events, seasonal topics or trends. This helps us match our content to what our client’s target customers may be searching for online around the same time we’re posting to the blog.

Target keywords should change with the calendar

We also work closely with our own digital team to determine what content and topics will be relevant for our clients and their target audiences based on other projects or campaigns we’re working on. With Google Analytics, it’s easy to see what words consumers are searching before clicking through to your site, as well as how your paid search terms are performing.

We can also align PR and digital efforts to help boost SEO. Matching the story topics we’re pitching and earning coverage for them through media relations efforts can help draw authority to our client websites. It’s through this collaboration of the digital and PR efforts that content throughout the web world can be most successful.