SA Volleyball 2014 – Week Eight

Your Strategic Americans have officially made it to the second half of the 2014 season. If this were Titanic, you’d have just seen Leo using some charcoal to sketch a wealthy, topless woman. Unfortunately, I don’t have any of that for you. (I only do nudes in macaroni/beans.) However, I do have another exciting collection of vaguely volleyball-related tidbits to share. Come join me on this floating door of a recap that clearly has enough room for more than one person. Highlights, straight ahead!

•As we arrived on the court, we noticed that our opponents were relatively young and looked like they were in above average shape. This is never a good sign, unless you’re a recent divorcee or you have boxes to move. Our first impression was that we were probably not going to do so well because the relatively young aren’t really our jam. We like old people. We are the gold diggers of recreational volleyball! Well we surprised ourselves because we handily beat them in the first game. It was a good game too. We were up 11 to 2 and then they served and we didn’t even let them come back and beat us, which has only happened 44 times before. Eat it, generation Y.
•By the time the second game started, the relatively young found their second wind. (We were still basking in our first wind.) Eventually, we were down by eight points and nearly came back, but not quite enough to win. We were mostly behind because of one specific player and his aggressive serving. He was a ginger in jorts. He had on a backwards baseball cap and was wearing sunglasses while it was cloudy – classic ginger behavior. He was the kind of ginger who was pretty intense, not the fun kind like Prince Harry or Beaker. I’ve got news for him: one person wears jorts during SA volleyball games and his name is Andy Hewitt. At best, this guy’s name was Andy McHewitt. I reject this!
•The third game was a great contest. We all played quite well. Every one of your Strategic Americans had at least a couple of really good plays. Some of us (by “us,” I mean “not me”) had more. If you didn’t have interests, activities and loved ones outside of work that filled your time, you’d be especially proud of us right now. Truth be told, we lost the last game, so maybe you wouldn’t be that proud. “We’re champions on the inside,” said someone who probably just lost a bunch.

Season Record!

Takeaway Quote of the Week
“I’ve been ‘watching my weight’ and, rest assured, it’s still there.”

Game photo!

“I put a hex on your womb.”
“I put a hex on your womb.”


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