Direct Marketing Results

Direct Marketing: Science & Art

If you had to prove how your direct marketing programs impact revenue, market share or customer value, could you do it? Measurement and analysis help marketers become smarter, give us the basis to set benchmarks, and ideas to test and optimize. The term “analytics” as early as the 1600s, meant applying logical analysis to discover and communicate meaningful patterns in data.

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Keeping Pace With Your Customer

  At one point or another, we marketing professionals are asked to come up with a cross-channel marketing plan. What we propose and how we formulate the proposal is the secret to our success (or possibly our failure). As marketing professionals we never, ever use the F word though. Campaign “F”ailure is always relabeled as testing.

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Direct Mail

9 Ways To Boost Performance Of Your Direct Mail Offer

  Direct Mail is an effective lead generation and customer retention tool and having a compelling offer is a must for campaign success.  To continually improve results, test, test, test!  At Strategic America, we are constantly testing our direct marketing campaigns and have several learnings to share with you to help you find the best direct mail response.

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