Is Inverted Pyramid Style Dead?

One of my teammates held a lunch ‘n learn for our team to highlight lessons she learned at a writing workshop. She mentioned the inverted pyramid style of writing – you know, the one that’s represented by a reverse pyramid to show that the most important information comes first, followed by the second most important facts all the way down to the smallest details – is dead.

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Online video ads continue to propel localized marketing forward

  Localized marketing is the customization of a message or materials used to convey a message to a very targeted community or group. If you consider the fact that newspapers in America have been in existence for over 250 years and Yellow Pages for over 110 years, communicating and marketing to the local-level is not new. 

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Radio Advertising: To Stream or Not to Stream

Thank you to Joey Taylor-Moon and Amanda Cheese for also contributing to this blog post. There’s no question that the rise of data-driven online advertising has changed the media landscape. While traditional radio is still big and still relevant, the ability to target your audience directly through a streaming service like Pandora or Spotify is hard to ignore.

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Twitter’s new features present new challenges and opportunities for brands

In honor of the World Cup, and our internationally shared love of all things fútbol, Twitter has joined forces with Bing so users can easily translate tweets and participate in conversations about the same topics, no Rosetta Stone required. Simply click a translate button and BAM! tweets are magically transformed into your native language. How else has Twitter been keeping things real and fresh lately?

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Broadening horizons for others through volunteering

There are a lot of reasons to volunteer, but for me, it was to be involved with my daughters and our community. I wanted to be a part of what my daughters were doing.   So when no one stepped up to be their Girl Scout leader I said, “Sure, I can do it.” Six years later for one troop and seven years later for the other, I have finally retired my Girl Scout sash for other activities.

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