SA Volleyball Recap 2014 – Week One, Part Two

Listen closely. Do you hear that sound? It’s faint, but if you’re very still, you can hear your Strategic Americans snatching victory from the jaws of defeat hail damage. It sounds a lot like laughter through tears, so be prepared. It’s never taken us three weeks to finish and win a volleyball game before. This is a first! We are the Michael Sam of rainouts! Well, you know what I mean. Maybe? Don’t rub your recap in my face!

• We beat the other team like we were Beyoncé’s sister in an elevator with Jay Z. We didn’t give them the actual kick, punch, then kick – just the proverbial kind.  Every one of your Strategic Americans ended up in the sand at one point or another last night (Actually, everyone but me. For what it’s worth, I still have the coordination and grace of a wet mop getting electrocuted so it’s a surprise that I stayed upright.). Andy dove for the ball at one point and he hit the ground pretty hard. Then the Earth groaned in a way that I was previously unfamiliar with.
• We apparently did the perfect amount of practicing since the rainout (just like the number of times you’ve been caught hiding in a bush outside someone’s house, in this case, “perfect” equals “zero”) and won the first two games handily.
• Andy’s uniform was a fantastic pink t-shirt designed by our own Mike Dillon and a pair of jorts. Sorry – I totally buried the lead in that last sentence. Those jeans paid the ultimate price so we could win the volleyball game last night. If I had a 40 right now, I’d pour some of it out on the parts of those jeans that were sacrificed.

Season Record!

Takeaway Quote of the Week
“Her lips said ‘no,’ but her eyes said, ‘read my lips.’”

We are all very colorful, like a Lisa Frank sticker on a 1993 Trapper Keeper.
We are all very colorful, like a Lisa Frank sticker on a 1993 Trapper Keeper.

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