SA Volleyball 2014 – Week Two

Victory was reaching out to us last night. Like a seventh-grader at a middle school homecoming dance who just wants to slow dance with his date to this mess (but also wants to leave enough room between us to satisfy the chaperones and the Holy Spirit), victory really didn’t know where to put its hands. Did we get to second base with victory? Do baseball metaphors work when discussing volleyball? Free answers below!

• The first game was intense. I mean, we were stressed out in a your-doctor-called-about-that-rash kind of way. The lead kept going back and forth and back and forth, like a ping pong ball or Anne Heche. The other team was down by one player, but still – we were prepared to play six people and they only showed up with five. They threw us for a loop! That’s the oldest trick in the book, besides processing fees and undercoating.
• Kendall Dillon was a champ and played on the team last night. Not only did she fill in as the third female player, she also delivered the winning serve for game one.  We were down 14 to 10 (or something close to that – numbers, amiright?) and WE CAME BACK TO WIN. We beat them 16 to 14, like a boss. Or bosses, as it were. #rally #sorrynotsorry #werk
• The first game took nearly 40 minutes and after a beer break, we didn’t have much time to finish up the next games. Which was fine, because we spanked them in the second game, 15 to 8. Still undefeated!
• One of the players on the other team, who went by the name of Mary, was really caught up with rules that no one had heard of. At one point she said, “Watch the center!” as if we’d know what she was talking about. Watch your own center, lady. I don’t want to ruin the ending, but it turns out you stink. Their team name was, “Slappin’ Balls,” which I can only assume they found in Martha Stewart’s Guide to Elegant Volleyball Team Names, Chapter 4: Get Your Life Together.

Season Record!

Takeaway Quote of the Week
“I say ‘potato,’ you say this isn’t going to work written down.”

“Why not?” thought Gary, married father of two, right before claiming he was single and ready to mingle.
“Why not?” thought Gary, married father of two, right before claiming he was single and ready to mingle.


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