SA team creating May Day treats

Happy May Day All!

Growing up in the heart of the Midwest, right here in West Des Moines, I always looked forward to May as a sign of Spring and an alert that Summer was near and school would soon be out. It was time to begin my countdown to weeks spent at the pool, but I’m getting ahead of myself!

May Day, commonly known to my co-workers born outside the heartland as just another one of those little known holidays conveniently printed on all your store-bought calendars, was known to us locals as a day of crafts, sugar-rushes and mischief. Not a Midwesterner yourself? Well, let me explain this little quaint take on a holiday that flies largely under the radar elsewhere in the U.S.

May Day

The night before May 1, families gather to make May Day baskets. These are little baskets or cups of love, filled with delicious candy. Popular choices in my neighborhood were always popcorn and Twizzlers, often used to make a handle for the basket.

The next day once school was let out, we would go deliver our baskets to our neighborhood friends. Delivery often happened in the form of ding-dong-ditching, or ringing the door bell and then running away before it was answered (a practice largely frowned upon on any other day of the year). This made for quite the afternoon trying to catch your neighbors ringing your doorbell.

As we look forward to summer and wish away these April showers, remember to enjoy the little things each day has to offer including treats, pranking your friends or coworkers and being an Iowan.

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