Count the Kicks

SA Helps with Public Health Initiative: Count the Kicks

In 2008, SA began work on an awareness campaign named Count the Kicks, a public health initiative started by five Iowa women who turned the heartache of losing their baby girls to stillbirth or infant death, into a movement of saving babies’ lives. The campaign was officially launched in 2009 and since then, Count the Kicks has grown, continuing to save the lives of babies near and far.

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Programmatic Buying

An Overview of Programmatic Buying

Digital advertising has exploded over the last few years and at the frontlines of the surge in digital ad dollars is Programmatic Buying. And yet, despite near-celebrity status in ad-land, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recognizes “significant confusion in the marketplace over the terminology” and has devoted pages to explain just what the heck it is.

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SEO for local marketing

Corporate Mandates: Do They Help or Hurt Local Marketing?

Governing a franchise or dealer advertising program is challenging for corporate-level marketing departments. Accurately positioning a brand and product or service descriptions is difficult when dealing with entrepreneur-minded managers at the local level. With the intent to protect the entire dealer network, corporate marketing teams often institute rigid product or brand standards related to local marketing.

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