Many companies annually ask employees to share their thoughts on topics such as leadership, career path, communication, corporate culture and more. What most companies don’t do, though, is empower employees to lead the charge for change.

Studies show that engaged employees are more likely to be top performers, miss less days of work, support organizational change and exceed expectations on performance reviews. Just as important, companies with engaged workforces see higher rates of productivity, lower turnover, have more success in attracting top talent and in the end are more profitable businesses.

Employees who are surveyed each year but don’t see any changes come about aren’t likely to take future surveys very seriously. It is also fairly ineffective for leaders to take the survey results and implement changes on their own. What has proven most effective is when leaders and employees work hand-in-hand to review results and decide together where they want to make a difference.

Employee engagement surveys at SA

At Strategic America, we assist many clients with this kind of work, but we also take it so seriously that we conduct engagement surveys annually with associates of the agency. For example, we collected responses from team members last fall. After reviewing our own survey results, we followed up with small-group meetings and collectively decided to focus on three specific areas – internal communications, workplace environment and diversity/inclusion. These were areas where we knew we had room for improvement based on input from our associates.

Now that the areas of focus have been set, any employee who wants to participate can choose to join a team to take action and make improvements. This model promotes collaboration across teams and gives leadership experience to team members who choose to step up. We can’t wait to let you know how it goes!

Voice for motivation

We also know it’s important to give employees a voice, which is another reason we formed action teams. Employees feel valued when asked for their input in company decisions. The more employees are encouraged to share, the more they’ll feel connected to the organization and motivated to contribute to its success – another benefit of regularly conducting employee engagement surveys.

When you follow measurement with action, the positive results are limitless. What are you doing to make your organization a better workplace?