Broadlawns Dynamic Billboard

The Power of Dynamic Digital Billboards

What’s not to like about outdoor advertising? You take a big empty space, fill it with your message, and put it up along highly trafficked areas for all to see. It’s simple and efficient and has remained virtually unchanged for centuries. Until now. Enter the Digital Billboard At first, digital billboards seem harmless. Yes, the printed material was replaced by pixels, but it’s still just a giant sign with a logo on it.

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employee engagement

You’ve Completed an Employee Engagement Survey…Now What?

Many companies annually ask employees to share their thoughts on topics such as leadership, career path, communication, corporate culture and more. What most companies don’t do, though, is empower employees to lead the charge for change. Studies show that engaged employees are more likely to be top performers, miss less days of work, support organizational change and exceed expectations on performance reviews.

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Meals from the Heartland

SA Staff Helps Meals from the Heartland Package Meals

As part of our series on SA giving back to the community, we’re highlighting a project that a number of SA employees participated in. Last month, 17 people volunteered for Meals from the Heartland, an effort that started right here in Central Iowa with a mission of “empowering people to save the starving.” The events bring together volunteers for a community-wide packaging event.

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Generosity Pays it Forward – National Volunteer Month

Generosity is one of our values Strategic America. It reveals itself in the numerous pro bono projects and campaigns we are involved in. Our associates, too, demonstrate this in their own ways toward their own interest–whether it be community, charitable, civic or faith areas.  In this month, National Volunteer Month, I’d like to celebrate that spirit of giving back, paying forward, and engaging in purposeful acts of kindness.

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