New, responsive website for Strategic America

New Strategic America Website

It was one of the biggest web projects our team has done to date. And boy are we excited to share it with you! Strategic America now has a new, responsive website.

Our website redesign goals:

  1. Redesign with a focus on mobile-friendliness.
  2. Enhance the search engine optimization of the site.
  3. Create a better display of Strategic America’s portfolio.
  4. Add more emphasis to Strategic America’s culture.

Let’s begin

As any busy ad agency can attest, you are your own worst client. When client work hits heavy, internal agency projects have to hit the backburner. That kept happening to us. A newly designed, responsive website was critical for SA’s future. Not only was our current website outdated, but it also wasn’t mobile friendly. These were two huge problems that needed attention.

So, we approached the project from the best perspective possible: we treated ourselves like our own client. This kept us on a timeline and meant team members were accountable for deadlines. We also followed our own website process that we use with clients.

For the web strategists out there, this means we started with … wait for it … a content strategy!

New site architecture

One of the biggest pain points we hear from clients during the discovery phase of a website redesign is that their customers can’t easily find certain bits of information. Have you read Don’t Make Me Think by Steve Krug? It’s pretty much a reading requirement for any digital team members here at SA. You’ll know you’ve hit gold when finding content on your site takes no thought process at all.


Ever tried to hit that balance between content that’s search engine-optimized and also human-compatible? Yeah, it’s tough. But we designed a sitemap to help search engines understand what Strategic America is all about, and wrote content that speaks to our expertise. We also now have an awesome 60-second video on our home page to give you an idea of our culture.

Eye-catching portfolio

Prospects want to see your work. And they want to be impressed. Our redesigned portfolio and case study sections show off our best creative and strategic thinking. We showcase these elements on a gray background to help them standout. For a more interactive storytelling experience, we have created video case studies to illustrate our work.

Capabilities and key industries

As a full-service, integrated and interactive advertising agency, we really do have a lot to offer. And yes, that description is pretty accurate for SA’s capabilities. We added many pages to these sections to develop content silos around our website’s themes. Beginning the project with a content strategy made our SEO strategy easier to implement.

Strategic America culture and company blog

If you ask anyone at SA what they like most about working here, I’m about 90% sure you’ll hear them say, “The culture is pretty great!” The old website didn’t do justice for this aspect of the company. We’re proud of our company culture and our mission to “Find a Better Way Always.” Watch the new video on our home page to see why. Want to know what we’re doing on social media and around town? Click on Connect in the main navigation to find a unique social feed.

We also migrated both company blogs ( and to live directly on the website in a subfolder. The benefit of this strategy is that the blogs will inherit the authority and PageRank of our domain, and hopefully contribute to more traffic for our posts. And let’s not forget, fresh content for Google to crawl on a regular basis.

Parallax scrolling

We added parallax scrolling to the homepage to add subtle elements of interactivity and depth. Parallax design gives your website a 3D feel using technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3. You’ll notice the key frame for the video we have on our homepage gives this illusion as you scroll.

Swipe on mobile

Lastly, in tune with creating the website for our mobile/tablet audience, we wanted to take advantage of the natural act of swiping. You’ll be able to swipe among sub pages of our main categories with ease. Our programming team was able to give unique URLs to these pages as well, which made our digital team very happy.

A Better Way

No website project is ever complete. We’re dedicated to keeping our information current and helpful, so stop by our site often.

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