Making the most of a first impression: Lozier Heating & Cooling

First impressions can mean everything. A 2012 Missouri University of Science & Technology study found that when viewing a website, all it takes is two-tenths of a second for a person to form a first impression. That’s literally the blink of an eye! Since most people are multi-device users, and a good chunk of those are multi-tasking multi-device users, your first impression can’t just be limited to one screen anymore.

A poor first impression doesn’t just affect users, either. Old web designs can have performance issues with outdated technology. A design element that was popular years ago may not be compatible with today’s browsers, and could affect your search engine rankings because they are difficult for spiders to crawl and index. As a general rule, redesigning your site every three to five years will ensure your site is up-to-date technologically, and helps tell search engines that your site is active with fresh content.

This was the challenge faced by our client Lozier Heating & Cooling. Founded in 1906, Lozier is the largest Lennox dealer in Iowa, and has won awards for being among the top 1% of Lennox dealers out of 7,000 in America. In short, they have provided the highest level of HVAC service to Des Moines for over 100 years, yet their website did not effectively convey that message.

According to the MST study, the top three areas users focus on when they first get to your site include:

  • The logo
  • The main navigation
  • The search box

With visibility being the driving consideration, Lozier’s previous site wasn’t presenting these three elements well. The logo and main navigation colors were difficult to read and seemed to blend together. The website was also missing a search box.

Old website:

Lozier Home Page Old

Lozier Products Section Old

We worked with Lozier to provide a responsive web redesign, refreshed logo, site architecture and content overhaul. All these items were factored into the first impression we wanted users to the get from the site, in order to increase time spent on site and drive conversions.

And here is the new website:

New Lozier Home Page

Lozier New Products Section

Modern, clean and easy-to-navigate. The home page includes interactive parallax scrolling, along with a restructured content hierarchy and a new footer. We made it easy for users to contact Lozier on any page, and added call tracking to analyze their leads.

We are very proud to be associated with Lozier and to assist them with this important project. Need heating and cooling repair? I know a place! And they have a 98% customer satisfaction rating.

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