National Trends Can Help Earn Local Exposure

Anytime you begin brainstorming new content for clients, or your company, you are likely asking, “How do I make my content stand out from the rest? How can I make it different?” The answer may be simpler than you think: meet the needs of your target audience. Relating to people on a local level through news sources and social media allows you to take advantage of national stories while adding a local angle to make it relevant.

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Bravo of Greater Des Moines’ Annual Awards Gala in Review

Recently, Strategic America was honored to have the great opportunity to work on a unique project for the Ninth Annual Awards Gala for Bravo of Greater Des Moines. Bravo is a nonprofit organization committed to increasing cultural awareness, advocacy and funding, as well as fostering collaboration among arts, culture and heritage organizations throughout the Greater Des Moines Area.

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Seeing the Future Through Google Glass

Game-changing ideas are often ridiculed in their infancy, until that moment when everyone is using it. One personal experience occurred in the late 1990s, when the agency I was working for was about to acquire another agency with a product known as an “online job board.” The idea that people would post jobs online and hope that qualified candidates would find them and apply was crazy to me; especially with a name like “The Monster Board.” The rest is history.

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Super Bowl 2014 Social Insights

With the big game in the bag we decided to see how this year’s matchup between the Broncos and Seahawks looked on social media. Even though the game turned out to be a blowout, a few records were broken, including: tweets during the game, viewership and price per 30-second ad. Notable stats: There were more than 209.9 million interactions and mentions on Facebook and Twitter during the game.

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