You know your customers. Especially the best ones. You can see them, describe them, and can even call some by name. You know how they tend to transact business with your company and your insights about these customers guide your strategies and promote continued success.

Regardless of your company’s leadership position, you know you need to reach more of these valuable customers. To initiate consideration. To engage in a branded customer experience. To drive relational and transactional growth.

There are always others in similar seats trying to follow or better you. So where do you find your advantage?

  • In the things that set your company apart?
  • In the volume of available data of customer behavior?
  • In branding and promotional offers to optimize purchase patterns?
  • In channel technology that allows for greater speed, efficiency and measurement?

Yes to all. Businesses that use distributive marketing solutions for rapid deployment of marketing initiatives need tools that are customizable, database-driven and easy-to-use at the local market level. Yet complexity needs to be made simple at the point of selection and deployment. However remember that even automated solutions still require a skilled help desk for consultation and assurance with new and existing customers.

For more than 30 years, Strategic America has focused on field marketing — understanding the dynamics of retail and developing better solutions that provide a competitive advantage. We continue to ask ourselves, how can these solutions be improved? How can they be adaptable to the many new media and message delivery options? How can they spur business growth?

We discuss these questions every day, both within Strategic America and with our clients, because the answers are vital for driving business growth.