Measure Your Strategy With The Three O’s: Output, Outgrowth and Outcome

“So how do you measure PR?” This is a common question we get from our clients. A kneejerk answer would be, “Public relations is about building trust, which is not easily measured.” One could argue the perception versus reality of PR, but that is futile. What a PR agency considers a misconception is a client’s reality — and quite simply the reality is that we need to prove the value of PR to our clients.

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Ad:Tech 2014 Provides Insight Into Social Advertising and Data

Fellow marketing friends, 2015 is around the corner and more than one of us is going to be asked by the HIPPO (AKA – highest paid person in the organization) what’s worth valuable marketing budget dollars. Here is a recap from my recent adventure to Ad:Tech 2014 in New York, where all things involving trends and data analytics were discussed.

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Holidays offer what small businesses do best

As the days get shorter, many retailers prepare for consumer buying power to exercise its influence in this year’s holiday shopping season. Many retailers have already seen evidence that the season has begun. Especially now that political ads are gone, traditional holiday marketing can begin. New products, especially in the technology category, e.g. smartphones, are pulling forward consumer spending.

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PR Measurement

Creating an Effective PR Measurement Plan

  Not so long ago in the PR world, measurement was all about counting media clips and figuring advertising value equivalents. As it turned out – and not surprisingly – those numbers were just one component of meaningful measurement. They give you an idea of how much coverage you’ve received but don’t look at the substance of that coverage.

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Head First: Diving in to the agency world as a CFO

My 27 year career in the finance and accounting field has largely been focused in publishing, with the last two years in commercial printing. With that being said, I recently started a new chapter in my career, adding agency work to the mix. With a little less than two months under my belt as CFO, I’ve had to hit the ground running as we were beginning our year-end audit review, closing the books for the first month of the fiscal year, and revising monthly projections for the remainder of our fiscal year. 

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SA Connect Feed

Why Integrate Social Media On Your Website?

The online community is a vast wonderland of social networks and websites that, for a brand, can sometimes make its presence disconnected. Of all the content you post, consider the number of networks you utilize. It’s easy for content to get scattered across the web, making your brand’s overall presence a little muddled as users try to keep up.

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Content Creation Wearing You Down? Give Repurposing Content a Shot

Content creation can be an overwhelming task to consistently maintain and with the number of opportunities available to share your story and connect with your audience, chances are it may be difficult to keep coming up with new material. Because of the amount of effort it takes to research and develop your content, it makes sense to find opportunities to repurpose the content and adapt it for additional mediums. 

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Direct Marketing Results

Direct Marketing: Science & Art

If you had to prove how your direct marketing programs impact revenue, market share or customer value, could you do it? Measurement and analysis help marketers become smarter, give us the basis to set benchmarks, and ideas to test and optimize. The term “analytics” as early as the 1600s, meant applying logical analysis to discover and communicate meaningful patterns in data.

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