Holy stars! Facebook star ratings added to desktop

Those blue stars aren’t brand new on Facebook, but they are probably catching your eye now that they are appearing on the desktop site. In fact, the stars were introduced last year on mobile. As long as you include your physical address in the Page Info section, Facebook star ratings will start appearing with the reviews you receive.

There are a lot of questions over the stars floating around, most importantly, where is the announcement from Facebook? I haven’t been able to find an “official” announcement from Facebook yet. Jay Baer lays out his frustrations with the lack of communication from the company. Even though there is substantial information yet to be conveyed to page owners, these ratings stars have my attention.

Is this a game changer?

Think about this: No longer will likes be the center of all popularitybut the prominent blue stars will serve the function we use the Internet for so oftenresearch! Sure, likes will always be very important, but the natural rating scale of stars (think movies, restaurants, etc.) is what we’re used to. A focus on quality in both the product and content, instead of popularity, is what’s most helpful.

When it comes to influence over buying decisions, 90% of consumers say online reviews impact their choices. This is critical for all companies to consider moving forward. Your online listings need to be filled out consistently across the board, and your online reviews need to be monitored and responded to on a timely basis.

Any drawbacks?

The stars could have the potential to be damaging to companies that don’t receive good reviews. There is also the chance that faulty (false) reviews will be left and unfairly contribute to your overall score. But that’s nothing newsites like Yelp and Foursquare contain both positive and negative reviews as well, depending on consumer experiences. It’s about how you handle the negative situations and improve customer experiencegaining positive word of mouth because of it.

What are your thoughts about Facebook star ratings?

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