Heath and Kasey Watch Ads: Mayhem Bungee Cord

Were you wondering what Heath and Kasey thought of the Mayhem bungee cord commercial? Turns out they had some thoughts. Watch the spot below:

Heath: He can throw all of the stuff he wants to out of the back of a truck, but he’ll always be Dennis Duffy from 30 Rock to me, dummy.

Kasey: The state of this tailgating truck reminds me of my favorite day of the year, Everything Goes Garbage Day. I love to see people proud and competitive about their hoarding, trucks piled to the heavens with other people’s trash. The one thing I don’t like is when someone stops by my garbage pile and leaves without finding themselves a garbage treasure. What? My trash isn’t good enough for you!? I guess someone else will get my old laundry basket. Your loss.

Heath: While I love seeing things careening (it’s a word!) off the back of a truck, it makes me wonder who would bring that much stuff to tailgate. Who has the time for an inflatable chair and tri-fold chaise? You know who might have the time? An Iowa Hawkeye fan. They also probably have a degree from another school.

Kasey: If this were an Iowa Hawkeye fan he’d be wearing shorts. According to Hawk fans, pretending weather doesn’t affect you is the ultimate act of manliness.

Heath: If you watch closely, you’ll see his 5-gallon drum of chips falls off the truck around the :08 mark and then he’s eating from the it at the :24 mark too. Actually, based on the rest of the stuff these folks packed, they probably brought two 5-gallon drums of chips. Who’s the dummy now?

Kasey: Along with the 5-gallon drum of chips, the grill also reappears after it has careened (word of the day!) onto the interstate. This is continuity mayhem!

Heath: If this would have been me heading to a tailgate, that guy who hit the grill would have been just fine because all I would have packed would have been a six pack of Zima and he would have been a better driver for it (get hit by flying malt liquor responsibly).

Kasey: Next time you go tailgating with some Zima let me know, I’ll bring the Bartles and James!

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