Whose Cube? Volume 3

Greg's Cube

The Whose Cube? series features our Strategic Americans and the cubes that define them.

Strategic American: Greg Welch

How long have you been with SA? It’s starting to be a long time. I came to Iowa and SA in 2007, so it will be 7 years next April.

What’s your job title? Associate Creative Director

What’s your sign? Virgo, but the awesome and cool kind of virgo, not the awkward and dorky one. Right? Right????

When they make a movie of your life, which they will, which song would you insist on being included on the soundtrack? Some stadium full of fans singing: You’ll never walk alone.

Where did you grow up? Provo, Utah. Yes, that Provo, Utah. It’s awesome.

If you could have any super power which would you choose? As an advertiser, I think Professor Charles Xavier’s ability to know what everyone is really thinking would sure be handy.

What is your most prized cube item? The type drawer I’ve converted into a shadow box. We lived in Southern California for a couple years and on one trip to Disneyland, I just took photos of all the different kinds of type. Everything there is considered and designed-out. I ended up later cropping the photos and putting them into the old drawer I found at Valley Junction in Des Moines.

What is one of your favorite SA moments? On the way back from a shoot, the four SAers in the car were talking about strange things we’ve eaten. After talking about eating ants and snakes, one person brought up beavers which lead to this quote: “Beaver meat tastes great, but it can be a little gamey. If you’re going to eat beaver, sometimes you need to just put a little gravy on it.”

Where would you like to go that you’ve never been before? Australia or New Zealand would be fun, but they’re so far away …

What is your favorite current TV show? I get the feeling that not a lot of people like it, but the American version of Top Gear makes me laugh. Sure, they’re cheap laughs, but on a Tuesday night, that’s not a bad deal.

SA is home to MANY meeting rooms. Which meeting room is your favorite and why? I would say the fireside room, but I like it because it’s almost always empty, so maybe I shouldn’t say that or more people will go in there.

Chess or checkers? Before I came to SA, I hadn’t played chess or checkers since the 4th grade. I still haven’t played checkers since then, so I’ll have to say chess.

Would you rather hang out with Cap’n Crunch or Count Chocula? Why? I’ve read some news articles questioning the credentials of the Cap’n and I don’t want to be associated with shady characters like that.

Which commercial do you currently love and which is annoying you? I like Gatorade’s current line “Win from within” even if the commercial message of “it’s all about you (when you buy our stuff)” is a little counter-intuitive.

The buffalo wild wing’s commercials with Chris Berman make me mute the TV every single time.

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