Heath and Kasey Watch Ads: Van Damme Volvo Truck Commercial

Heath and Kasey share their thoughts on the popular Van Damme Volvo truck commercial. Strictly honest thoughts from these Strategic Americans. First watch below:


This commercial combines Van Damme’s love of doing the splits with that memorable scene from Footloose where John Lithgow’s daughter proves she’s a rebel by balancing between two vehicles. Do you think Jean Claude also grew up in a town that outlawed dancing?

I had no idea Van Damme’s thing was doing the splits. Is this common knowledge?

During my research (Google image searching “Van Damme splits”), I see he’s a big fan of doing the splits in strange places, like train tracks while there’s an oncoming train. If he didn’t already have two middle names I bet “Danger” would be one of them.

I would like to know how he got down from there. I hope this sells a lot of Volvo’s for his groin’s sake.


I don’t know about dancing, but I think his hometown outlawed standing like a lady. To his credit, he’s not a lady, but even non-ladies (men of all kinds and loose women) know the importance of keeping your knees close and your enemies closer.

I didn’t know about the splits either. I knew he could do high-kicks like a Rockette in a B-movie street fight. I’m ashamed to have admitted that.

You know who could tell us how he got down? Kool and the Gang!

Do you think those trucks are really driving backwards? Does it even matter what we think anymore?

They included “It was carried out by professionals in a closed-off area” at the end. Like prostitutes?

Hey, Channing Tatum! I guess we know what happens when the area isn’t closed off.


At Strategic America, Kasey is a Senior Digital Designer and Heath is a Creative Services Manager.

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