Six-second Vine ads showcase future of visual storytelling

Vine ads, created by brands or brand advocates, may be the future of advertising that genuinely connects with mobile-centered consumers. The ads created on this mobile application speak to younger generations whose attention must be earned. Dunkin’ Donuts was one of the first brands to roll out a Vine ad, and it was quite successful. The company created four spots and revealed them during Monday Night Football on ESPN in September. The company continues to release Vines with the hashtag #DunkinReplay.

Trident also pushed out a Vine ad during that time, and other brands such as Mountain Dew have since joined the early pioneers:

Telling your brand story in six seconds or less

Vine ads don’t have to be ‘marketing’ driven either. The platform is an opportunity to tell your brand story in six seconds or less. The short time frame is what makes the platform stand out. Instagram allots 15-second videos, which is closer to a short TV commercial, but Vine forces you to refine and condense your message to fit its six-second format. Knowing that you don’t even have 10 seconds to get your messaging across puts a unique spin on Vine and promotes creativity to make the video a success.

Promoting your messaging and connecting with your audience should be the first priority. For many brands, the audience they reach via mobile applications may not be their devoted customers of today, but are likely their customers of the future. Every like and revine is a speck of earned attention and chance to expand your reach outside of traditional media. A simple message from USA Today asks viewers to check out the paper of the day:

Strategic America takes on Vine ads

At Strategic America, we’ve had some fun portraying our brand through planned-out Vines. Check out some of our Vine videos below:

Do you have any favorite Vines to share?

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