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Last year on Our Couch, Heath took a closer look at a few companies that updated their logos. Some with more success than others. (I’m looking at you, KFC.)

Your logo and look is sometimes the first experience someone has with your brand. You want to make it a good one. We all know we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but if your book has an awesome cover, people are going to judge it worthy of picking up! After they do, hopefully the inside is as awesome as the outside. Just like a book, rebranding isn’t just about a pretty outside.


Let’s take a look at Hooters (That’s what she said.)

Sometimes you don’t know how weird a logo is until it’s been updated. I had never noticed that the owl in the original logo didn’t look like an owl at all. It looks more like an homage to the Trash Heap from Fraggle Rock.

According to Dave Henninger, Hooter’s new CMO, “The (visual) double entendre remains in place. We want to keep the tongue-in-cheek wink going.” Hooters is trying to compete with other “breastaurants” to attract Millennials. Can you believe we are living in a country with multiple breastaurant options? Hooters used to be the only choice. We’ve come a long way, baby!

Their rebrand doesn’t just mean a fancy new logo. They are also planning on serving better food, new designs and a uniform update. The pantyhose industry is going to take a major hit on that last one.



USA Today and the Cool Balls…

USA Today’s Chief Marketing Officer, Maryam Banikarim sent out an email forwarded round the world and an HR person’s nightmare. The title, “Cool Balls”. He has a lot of feelings about USA Today’s rebranding that you have to READ TO BELIEVE.
Don’t believe me? Here’s a snippet.
“I have a dream . . . that one day all Americans will join hands and declare their undying love for our balls; our spheres of influence, our behaviors, or whatever one chooses to call them.READ THE REST.

Here we are a year later and I hope his blue balls have lived up to his dreams.

30 Logos in 30 Days

Yahoo had a 30 Logos in 30 Days event. The past 30 days they’ve featured a new logo option daily on their site, the Facebook page and on their tumblr. Chief Marketing Officer, Kathy Savitt says the new logo is meant to symbolize “a renewed sense of purpose and progress at Yahoo.”

They were not only driving people to their site to check out the daily logo, but they’re also able to gauge the public’s reaction to each logo. With that in mind, I thought they might go with the crowd favorite, but their choice tells me otherwise. It feels like a letdown. Why was everything a nice, calming purple color and then all the sudden it’s totally not? Is Optima now the font of choice to show purpose and progress? And why does it have a 3D effect?!

Whatever. It’s fine. I use Google anyways.

Here are the 30 different logos from 30 days. Do you think they made the right decision? If you do you’re going to have to tell me why.

And now us.

While we’re looking at logo updates, let’s look at ourselves.
SA has not only successfully rebranded clients over our more than 30 years, we’ve also rebranded ourselves.
SA-LogosLook how far we’ve come! We just keep getting better and better.

Our CEO, Mike Schreurs asked the question, “When is the right time to rebrand?”
Maybe the right time is right now. If it is give us a call, stop by, send us an email. We will help take your brand to the next level!

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