Hacked Twitter

Hacked Twitter: Do You Have to Fake It To Make It?

Accounts like @Horse_ebooks, the point b were made to describe a straight line horizontally; — Horse ebooks (@Horse_ebooks) August 25, 2013 @RealCarrotFacts and If you hire a small man to hide a carrot in your house then you close your eyes and try to find it ,it will take 3 hours but it’s worth it — Carrot Facts (@RealCarrotFacts) August 6, 2013 @NotCoatFactory Hello have you enjoy a weather yet??

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United Way

10 Years of Giving Back to United Way

We’re big into giving back to our community. Just recently, Strategic America reached its 10th year of 100% associate participation in the United Way of Central Iowa’s 2013 campaign. SA associates raised nearly $45,000 for the nonprofit organization, which improves the lives of individuals and families in Central Iowa with a focus on education, income and health.

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Nielsen TV

Digital TV Meets Nielsen in 2014

It’s coming. Fall 2014: Nielsen will start to monitor TV viewing on digital devices such as tablets and smartphones. This capability is certainly a long-awaited measurement that television executives and marketers have been wanting. The television programming arena is still moving to digital. Engaging video delivered online continues to grow in popularity — even for reasons beyond the consumer himself.

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Strategic America Creates Beautiful Storybook for YESS

Sometimes we help people sell lawn mowers. Other times, we help people sell insurance. People need lawn mowers and insurance, so we know helping our clients sell those things is an important job. Not only are we really good at it, we love doing it too. We’re also really good at helping people help other people, which is why the good people at YESS came to Strategic America this summer.

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Wellness Info

Creating a Culture of Wellness in the Workplace

Most people understand the benefits of choosing a healthy lifestyle, but the correlation between wellness and work performance may be overlooked. The Wellness Council of America says that 70% of workers cite job stress as a cause for frequent health problems. What’s more, a growing collection of research shows that healthier individuals take less leave due to illness, use their health care benefits less, and report higher levels of productivity, engagement and morale.

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Best of Des Moines 2013

Strategic America Wins Three Best Of Awards in Business Record’s Best of Des Moines 2013

We’re honored with our awards for the Best of Des Moines, including Best Company Use of Social Media, Best Public Relations Firm and Best Small Company with a Bright Future. Year after year, SA continues to push our team members to live up to the principles we preach. Here’s how we’re living each of these awards: Best Company Use of Social Media First and foremost, we’re proud of SA’s culture, so social media is a channel we utilize to showcase what makes SA unique.

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TEDx Des Moines Recap: Prepare for ‘Shift’

In its fourth year TEDx Des Moines explored the theme of “shift.”  The event leaders were a dynamic mix of local thought leaders as well as global experts. Attendees were asked to do the following: Embrace disruption and move past yesterday’s perception.  Explore this new space.  Awaken an awareness suited to confront tomorrow’s challenges.  Discover in yourself an agent of change. 

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