Strategic America recently welcomed Angela Maiers, educator and speaker, to give a presentation on “Habitudes” and personal branding. To Angela, Habitudes are “a set of disciplined habits and a battle-hard, battle-ready attitude. [Habitudes] are not only about who you are, but also about the work you are capable of doing.”

Angela and Strategic America began a relationship in 2012 working on Choose2Matter. Choose2Matter was inspired by this video with a takeaway of two words: You Matter. A call to action to accept, accelerate and act on problems in our world.

Mattering gets to a place that we seek to get to but rarely talk about…We need to be noticed, we need to be valued and we want to know that we are essential.  Angela Maiers

We sat down with Angela for our Fireside Insights series to further explore her thoughts on Habitudes and personal branding. Check out the videos below and others on our YouTube playlist.

Video 1: What are Habitudes?

Video 2: Why are Habitudes so important?

Video 3: Discuss your personal brand and relationship with Strategic America.

Are Habitudes part of your daily life? How do you monitor and improve your personal brand?