Miss America Tweet

Think Before You Tweet

With the instant gratification that social media delivers to consumers, the buffer between brain and keyboard has become nonexistent. A recent example came Sept. 16 as the new Miss America was crowned. As soon as Miss New York was named the latest woman to hold the honor, Twitter exploded with vitriol over her Indian-American heritage.

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Social Media

It’s Not You, It’s Me – Taking a Break from Social Media

For many of us, our attention is constantly being pulled toward the digital world.  Whether it’s monitoring our personal or business social media sites, checking news sites for the latest industry information or being glued to our emails, individuals are finding it increasingly important to stay connected. Are we starting to feel obligated to check in?  

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Link Dude

Tips On SEO Linking and Profile Analysis

I recently had the opportunity to gain advanced insight from Bruce Clay’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training session. SEO is a field of constant change and requires a close eye to pay attention to search engine algorithm updates. Staying on top of these changes will help you avoid site penalties and other problems. In this post, I thought I’d share some tips related to SEO linking and profile analysis.

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Smart Farm Media Event

Successful Media Event Focuses on Technology, Which Made the Event Possible

Technology played more than one role in a recent Iowa LinkedUp media event highlighting the critical role of broadband in rural Iowa. Iowa LinkedUp, a Strategic America client, partnered with Clear2there to host a smart-farm technology showcase demonstrating remote monitoring technology for daily farm operations via a live video teleconference at Iowa Network Services (INS) in West Des Moines and on-site at the farm 125 miles away.

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Angela Maiers

Angela Maiers: Brand Habitudes

Strategic America recently welcomed Angela Maiers, educator and speaker, to give a presentation on “Habitudes” and personal branding. To Angela, Habitudes are “a set of disciplined habits and a battle-hard, battle-ready attitude. [Habitudes] are not only about who you are, but also about the work you are capable of doing.” Angela and Strategic America began a relationship in 2012 working on Choose2Matter.

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