Innovation can be defined as the process and outcome resulting from a commitment to find a Better Way. Innovators change how we define our perceptions.

In marketing, innovation translates to creativity, paradigm shifting, technology breakthroughs or business model changes. Being committed to innovation means being committed to thought leadership, category expertise and claiming a place at the table when key decisions are being made. No two innovators are alike because each of us thinks and acts differently based on how we are “wired.” And our thought processes result in various types of innovators:

  • Facilitators move ideas and concepts forward with ease, acceptance and collaborative transparency.
  • Drivers, such as the late Steve Jobs, inspire and transform with their personal magnetism and leadership.
  • Sages are thinkers, academics, planners and teachers who want at the truth and seek knowledge to improve the world.
  • Explorers fight conformity and seek the freedom to search out exciting new ways to bring back and share with others.
  • Creators imagine the world as it could be and develop culture, products and services to fulfill their visions.
  • Magicians use their understanding of the fundamental laws of the universe to seek transformative experiences.
  • Rebels/outlaws “break glass” to set the stage for the new, the radical and the revolutionary.
  • Jesters impact change with the play, fun and humor that’s necessary to shatter rigidity.

The world of such innovators is a wonderful amalgamation of personalities, voices, talents and approaches on a cultural journey toward what will be. And the benefit is many minor and occasional major ah-has!

Strategic America is a world of innovators. We believe each and all of those archetypes are essential for our Better Way to succeed, and we appreciate the delightful differences that distinguish them.  No type is better, but their collaborative efforts are the keys to fulfilling the mission of our company: Finding a Better Way.

What are your keys to innovation? And how do you cultivate them?

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