Bad Idea Büddy

[youtube H87NhwMKrO8]

Budweiser Brazil has a new horrible idea for the world! The Büddy Cup! It’s a cup that comes with a QR code and a built-in chip that connects your Facebook profile with some stranger you’re toasting in the bar that is also the kind of person that has a Büddy Cup. (So maybe you’re perfect for each other?)

Just because the technology exists, that doesn’t mean you have to use it. This all seems like a pretty bad idea that will probably (hopefully) not catch on. This is marketers doing something because they can do it.

Becoming Facebook friends with someone isn’t this difficult task that no one could figure out how to accomplish. It’s pretty easy and that ease is already problematic.

Denying friend requests is also easy, hit ignore and forget about the whole thing. Now you will have to deny someone a cheers? That’s uncomfortable. Or maybe you just aren’t sure if you’re ready to cheers someone. Technology should make our lives easier, not create uncomfortable social situations.

And maybe you don’t want to be friends with the kind of people that drinking Budweiser makes you think you want to be friends with. That means the next day you’re not only dealing with a hangover, you’re dealing with a Facebook clean-up. It even posts on Facebook which friends you’re making with your stupid Büddy Cup! It’s all soooo not good.

What if someone gets a hold of your cup? What then? So what do you think? Will the Büddy Cup come to America?

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