It’s April Fools Day!

Let me just say that the exclamation point in the headline is a little bit misleading. I’m not that excited about April Fools Day. Honestly, I don’t even know if it’s “April Fools Day” or “April Fool’s Day.” And who has the time to check these things? I like April Fools Day, but I don’t love it. I’m glad that I’ve cleared that up for you.

The good people at Ad Week put together some top ten lists of the best April Fools Day advertising pranks from last year and I would definitely say that my idea of the best April Fools Day prank is a little different from theirs. For example, filling someone’s front yard with Peeps stuck on the end of plastic forks is a great April Fools Day prank (like that time it happened to me last year).

See, I told you.


Making a video that’s over two minutes long in which the central joke is that the internet is a faster than the Post Office/package shippers (like the video YouTube made) is less great.

[youtube Y_UmWdcTrrc YouTube]

First, hasn’t the Post Office been through enough? Think of the children! Also, YouTube doesn’t know anyone who could work a funny joke into the video? I don’t think we’re at a point where we can laugh at someone solely because they own DVDs. I suppose the content of the DVDs may change that rule. I think this would be like if a vegetarian was making fun of you for eating meat. Assuming they’d have the strength to make a joke, it ignores the fact that it’s perfectly fine to eat meat (Unless you’re a victim of the meat sweats. In that case, you should see a physician.).

Google has put out some April Fools Day stinkers too. In one, they talk about Gmail Motion, where you do a series of movements to dictate an email message instead of typing the words using a keyboard. I can’t figure out who they thought was going to believe that. People who think the government is monitoring our texts? The audience of NCIS: LA? Mel Gibson?

[youtube Bu927_ul_X0 Google 1]

Another Google alleged April Fools Day prank video features Google Translate for Animals. The video shows them using the technology to find out what a pig is saying. Maybe they should have found a pig that knows some jokes. Also, I would have much rather found out what a cat was saying. Unlike a cat, no one has ever wondered if a pig was trying to kill them.

[youtube 3I24bSteJpw Google 2]

I had planned to wrap this up with a funny April Fools Day clip, but it appears that the only ones that are posted on YouTube are of the unfunny/full of cursing/visible underpants variety. Since there’s no video and you now have a couple minutes of extra time, I suggest going to a coworkers computer and sending a company-wide email with the following message, “Has anyone seen my bottle of prescription salve? It’s for the aggressive rash I have in my swimsuit area. Thank you.”

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