1.  Begin with respect

Respect and trust are vital ingredients for selling products and services for the home. Before homeowners allow you or one of your retail partners to cross the threshold of their home, they must trust that you understand the importance of their space. It is family space … it is comfort space … it is space reserved for each family member to be “me” within the context of “us.” A home products marketing plan to simply gain attention must also convey the essential trust needed to succeed in this realm.

2.  The path to purchase starts online

Today’s consumer is savvier than ever. Before visiting a showroom, most consumers have already visited your website or a category review site to gain additional information. Simple reasons – it saves time, makes for more informed purchases, and they win! Recognizing consumer consideration of a product purchase via the web and review sites like Angie’s List gives home product marketers the ability to be there, better target and deliver on the path to purchase.

3.  The ‘home bundle’

A single need often aggregates to multiple purchases for the home. Whether its home furnishings, appliances or fundamentals; understanding life cycles of these other purchases can open the door of opportunity as additional purchase consideration. For example, if appliances start displaying maintenance issues in the five- to six-year time frame, is it possible for your product to be a part of a “home bundle” that is going to occur. Understand the context of that purchase cycle and see how your brand can gain consideration.

4.  Value value

Regardless of where your product or service is in the food chain or product hierarchy, don’t forget value. Consumers almost never do. The recent downturn taught the value of that lesson again. Even higher-end products and brands are viewed through the value optic. Start with the realization that your value proposition may need refinement to gain a competitive advantage.

5.  Lead generation is critical for your dealers and agents

Brand strategy is yours; marketing for sales in your dealers’ communities is theirs. Too often, we see companies trying to do the brand work with dealer co-op dollars, without recognition that strong lead generation tactics are what matters most at the local retail level. Where sales matter, lead gen is a factor.

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