Today at SA

If you’re like me, Daylight Savings Time gets you all kind of messed up. Not only am I emotionally incapable of just doing everything an hour earlier at the drop of a hat, but I also feel like someone needs to find out why the government gets to just steal an hour from us. Does the Tea Party know about this? It seems like the kind of thing they would be all over.

Despite the mean-spirited punch in the breadbox that is Daylight Savings Time, today turned out to be a pretty good day. The weather is terrible, so the folks that run this place were nice enough to bring in chili, baked potatoes and salads from Wendy’s for the whole company. That is the kind of thing you’re not going to get working for some other ad agency. God only knows what they’d try and feed you – probably Bit ‘O Honey and an RC Cola or something equally appalling.

As if that wasn’t already enough, we ate these delicious treasures while watching The Maury Povich Show, as one does. During one of the commercial breaks, a spot for a personal injury lawyer comes on featuring none other than Mr. William Shatner. He even referred to Des Moines by name. Captain Kirk is from Iowa and now William Shatner is talking about a city in Iowa. It’s the circle of life, my friends!

Unfortunately, William Shatner is doing TV ads for personal injury lawyers. Also unfortunately, the ad isn’t online so I had to just take a screen shot of their website. Someone commented on how he looked a lot better in this ad than he did on the Academy Awards a couple weeks ago. Who knew that personal injury attorneys had that kind of makeup and lighting budget?

Finally, today is good because we got our first glimpse of the ad campaign for the new season of Mad Men.

There are two Don Drapers in this ad! It’s giving me the vapors.

To summarize, SA has triumphed over Daylight Savings Time Monday. Nice try, loser!

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