For the past seven years or so, channel marketers have focused on brand consistency, resource/asset management and access, and availability of digital solutions, like ad builders, for an on-demand environment. The accrued benefits supposedly were cost savings, speed and efficiency.

But there’s so much opportunity that hasn’t even been touched. And so much money going unspent—some say up to $25 billion.

Efficient, productive, profitable channel marketing starts with strategy. Have you determined which strategies are both successful and affordable? Have you hashed out how you can implement those strategies in local markets? And how do they drive increased partner participation?

Partnership also means sharing. Many companies live with modest 10–20% partner participation. However, some are operating at 70–85% participation, or greater. Amazing numbers, but possible. Higher levels of participation mean increased sharing of voice. That boosts brand awareness and sales, and makes you competitive against the big boys with larger budgets.

That brings us to the big picture. SA has learned that channel marketing works best to everyone’s advantage when we design programs to push out strategic opportunities that are seen as relevant, actionable and locally oriented for lead generation opportunities.

That’s where the action is: purposeful, comprehensive, easy-to-adopt branded marketing that moves the meter. Best part? It’s all very possible for companies that want to move in that direction. It does require a degree of technology, but that technology is a means to an end, backed with service with a purpose, not a whiz-bang end in itself. And that’s where Strategic America excels.

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