actually looks like it might be useful.

I’ll admit it. I was kind of skeptical when I saw the TV commercial the first couple of times. To me, it seemed like it focused a little less on the actual service they offer and more on the fact that sometimes grown men don’t really know what they’re doing when it comes to mechanical things.*

[youtube dJW4_aQYEj4]

However, my Sunday paper included an eye-catching book from that breaks down what they do and how they do it.

I’m intrigued.
Repair Manual 2
Someone is offering to help me with this headache? And they’re doing it with well-written and cleanly designed advertisement? This seems weird.
Repair Manual 3
Thank you for your approval of several of my fashion choices.
Repair Manual 4
Look at all those butts.

In a nutshell, they’re saying that if you have an appliance breakdown, you can give them a call, tell them what’s happening and they’ll tell you what is likely causing the problem. Then they’ll be your repair person (although let’s face it, that is not the keister of a lady in that picture up there) liason: they find the repair person (still being gender-neutral!), set up the appointment and tell you how much it will cost. Your only responsibility is to let the repair person (that’s it, I’m going back to “repairman” – my apologies to all female repairers) into your house. And I suppose you’ll have to pay someone at some point.

Maybe all they’re doing here is adding another layer to an already complicated situation, and I’m sure this service isn’t free. But at the very least, they sound like they plan on being nice to you when you call. And I suppose they’re not going to work with repairmen or companies that are known for treating their customers poorly. And they had the good sense to not call themselves, “,” so I have to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Hats off to the ad agency who created their insert for them too. It feels weird to offer a compliment to someone beside ourselves, but we’re living on the edge here.

Maybe it’s the butt cracks. They’re difficult to resist.

*My eighth grade Industrial Arts teacher would be appalled to know that the VHS rack he taught me to build was my first and last VHS rack. I take partial responsibility for the disappearance of the format. If I had kept building VHS racks, people would have had the room to store them and would have kept buying them. Someone should build me a storage device for my giant pile of shame.

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