You, Me & TP

The toilet paper advertising industry is at it again. As you may recall last year Charmin  capitalized on the election. Their overarching campaign is “Enjoy the Go”. 

Welcome to the playful side of TP. Where we believe going to the bathroom is a thing to enjoy — even celebrate. Can we make you a believer?

Yes you can. You’ve got a customer for life, toilet paper industry.

You may or may not know Charmin also has a restroom location app called Sit or Squat. George Costanza would be so proud. I think public bathroom location is one of those big city problems. Another reason why Des Moines is a wonderful place to live and visit! You don’t need to download a restroom location app. Come for the mid-west charm, stay for the widely available public restrooms.

I am happy people seem to be more accepting of the fact that everyone poops. I feel like this is a great advancement for us as a species.

In the spirit of bathroom-use acceptance Cottonelle is soliciting names for your bathroom routine. Well not yours exactly . . . what they hope will become your routine. They are trying to get people to start seeing flushable wipes as part of every person’s bathroom routine. “Try it and name it.”  The top 3 names are: Background Check, Southern Comfort, Cheeky Clean. My personal favorite with a mere 23 votes is Obi-Wan Clean-Obi. The winning name wins a years supply of toilet paper. (With two * next to it so if you’re interesting in this you may want to go check out the fine print.)

Also included on the page are some “Did You Know?” (I didn’t know.) bathroom facts:
• In a recent poll, Americans declared the Chicago Field Museum to have the best bathroom in the nation. The eco friendly facility offers child-sized toilets and a calming, sound-absorbing image of the night sky.

• The bathroom is the most widely used room in the world.

• If stranded on a desert island, the one necessity 49% of people would choose to have with them is toilet paper.

And of course Cottonelle has a Pinterest page because having a Pinterest page is just something every brand needs to have right now. They are lacking in both pins and followers. Maybe bathroom-use acceptance isn’t as widespread as the advertising industry would like us to believe.

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