We at Strategic America love the utilization of big data as we develop strategies for our clients. Implementation of those strategies includes ongoing testing and measurement to continue to validate and improve response levels and, ultimately, sales.  In addition to analyzing mountains of data, we also understand the importance of finding out specific purchasing details from your customers, and one of the ways we do this is through face-to-face interaction. At a recent home show, Strategic America spent time doing just that.


Approaching consumers doing some window comparisons, our objective was to informally ask them what matters most when purchasing replacement windows for their home. Which brand do they prefer? Which aspects matter most in their decision?


The insights from our home show experience were interesting as the potential customers were very willing to engage in conversation with our team members. As social media has taught us––they were quick to offer their opinions. They wanted their voices to be heard.

The aspects that matter most in the purchase decision of the individuals we spoke with came down to energy efficiency, durability, quality and the product warranty. And while we know that in our present economy consumers are much more price conscious, no one mentioned price.

The next “reminder insight” was that reputation management is necessary for all companies. No matter the age or demeanor of the consumer, they are more than willing to do research on the reputation of your brand. Always keep this in mind as you release new products and change up old ones. The consumers gave us specific information about the products and companies they were checking out–– however, this information was learned online before they ever walked into the booth at the home show.

Market research makes the difference

Consumers have a lot of opinions to consider when making a purchase these days. They are more knowledgeable and better equipped to make a buying decision than ever before. Having a better understanding of what is important to them and tying that into our data is a critical part in understanding what and how we communicate with both existing and prospective customers for our clients.

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