SA Wins Several Addy Awards

What a beautiful belt buckle this is for you!

Well, “several,” is probably stretching it. We actually won two competitive awards and then our own Lori Strum won the Des Moines Ad Pro of the Year award and that’s not too shabby.

We won a Silver Addy for animation or special effect and another Silver Addy for music with lyrics for work we did for St. Jude. Hey, here’s a video that features both!

[youtube dT1yEJLCtxU St. Jude]

Our own Jeff Kosinski is responsible for the animation and Grant Ganzer, son of our Creative Director Bruce Ganzer, wrote and performed the song. Someday when he’s the new Beiber, you can say you heard him singing a song about a place that is hard to make a good-natured joke about because nice, old people pass away there.

Let’s not forget our very own Lori Strum, the Ad Pro of the Year. I won’t bore you all of the details of her application and why she’s the greatest, because I’m pretty sure you already know all of that stuff. I can tell you that when I did a Google image search of her, I found this picture:

Not LoriThat caption is a liar.

Congratulations to the real Lori!

Real Lori
Lori Strum, Ad Pro of the Year, Strategic American, Litter Hater

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