Trail of Tweets

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I saw the trailer for the new Mark Wahlberg movie (Which I do not plan on seeing because I value my time and choose to spend it watching the Real Housewives instead.) and noticed the little twitter bird under “reviews”. The @ was never Roger Ebert or someone who has proven themselves capable of reviewing a film, but just people. Their twitter handles were down in the right hand corner.

So I did what I always do, I googled. I searched “Broken City trailer with twitter reviews”. I found an article about it in Forbes. This made me want to dig deeper, find a little bit more about these people who are selling the American public on Broken City.

Here’s twitter user @emmadonnachie‘s Broken City tweet. Reminder, she had not seen the movie at the time of writing this. In fact, she probably has yet to see the movie. She’s just a Mark Wahlberg fan. Emma also hates college, loves tanning and runs late. GO SEE BROKEN CITY!

Let’s move on to our next Broken City promoter.

Is there? What is it? Someone please tell me. Let’s learn more about Rylee and why her stamp of Wahlberg approval is so important.

She calls herself “the Queen of Scarves!” I also learned she is so sick of fire ants she could scream and time has really been flying for her since she’s been out of high school. Aside from Mark Wahlberg, Rylee also “seriously loves” Sandra Bullock. So TOTES SEE BROKEN CITY!

To answer Gypsy’s question, no it is not January 18 yet. Someone get Gypsy a calendar! They should be on clearance. Gypsy appears to be a fan of the entire Wahlberg family. It seems that she was rewarded for her tweets with tickets to the advance screening of Broken City. What a lucky girl.

Let’s move onto tweeter BadBreak_Billy.

He is quoted in the Forbes article saying, ““I was talking about the movie ‘Shooter.'” He sees the trailer as a way to bring the movie industry and average people together. Would he feel the same way if he wasn’t part of the movie trailer?

Girls are kind of ruining all of his social media experiences. That’s a bad break, BadBreak_Billy. Women should try to find something interesting to talk about. Here’s an example:

Are you like BadBreak_Billy? Do you feel this has brought you closer to the movie industry? I have to say, I’m not feeling it. If you are don’t forget to use the hashtag #BROKENCITY

P.S. Kanye needs to stop selling the rights to use “Power” to anyone that asks. He should probably take a long, hard look at the rest of his life decisions while he’s at it.

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