Iowa Select Farms Shows How to Be More Strategic in Your Giving

Strategic America regularly helps clients review the strategy behind their philanthropic efforts.  In a world with so many worthy causes, targeted corporate giving allows organizations to concentrate donations and sponsorships to a select few causes that are most relevant to their business and most meaningful to their customers. This approach is designed to make a larger positive impact within specific communities or social causes, while also building employee morale.

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Ad Gifts

What to Give the Folks in Advertising for the Holidays

We’ve compiled some gift ideas that you should definitely consider giving to your friends in advertising this holiday season. General gifts: Books about advertising This is the perfect gift for someone that works in marketing. These books aren’t meant to be read, though they certainly can be, but don’t you think the time you’re spending reading might be better spent telling people you’re busy?

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Ron Burgundy

Have You Heard About a Little Movie Called “Anchorman 2?”

Regardless if you are a fan of the movie, chances are that you have witnessed the “Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” frenzy. Nine years after the original “Anchorman,” one of our favorite news teams is back at it again and they are making sure everyone knows it. Anchorman 2 has a crazy good marketing team Movie promotions and marketing partnerships are nothing new, even movies in the silent era had product placement.

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Two SA Team Members Honored with Dale Carnegie Awards

At SA, we are always looking for A Better Way. A part of that is making sure that our employees have the opportunity to participate in professional development opportunities. Whether it’s attending a workshop, becoming a member of a professional organization or listening to a webinar, we understand how important it is to provide staff with access to these resources.

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Takeaways From the 2013 DMA Conference

Strategic America is a member of the Direct Marketing Association, and each year SA invests in the continuing education of employees and keeping up to date on an annual basis market trends and industry research. Here are a few key 2013 DMA Conference takeaways. We are all aware that technology has been a major force of change in how marketers approach consumers, and also in what consumers expect out of their experience with marketers.

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Fireside Insights Dave Miglin

Fireside Insights: Generational Marketing with Dave Miglin

New technology and changing times lead to new ways of doing things, hence the cliché: “Out with the old, in with the new.”  While this message seems appropriate for New Year’s, in the advertising world, that cliché tells only a portion of the story. The big picture is that every generation is influenced differently and these influences impact their buying decisions.

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Tree Rings

Traditional PR: Is It dead?

I recently had an epiphany about PR. PR is like trees and their age rings. Earth-shattering? Not really, but it’s something that I think may help budding PR pros in the current and future technological landscape to come. As technology continues to evolve, new mediums are created all the time. With each new medium the question: “Is traditional PR dead?” always comes up.

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Fireside Insights Emily Abbas

Avoid ‘Spray and Pray’ Public Relations

In the public relations industry, gone are the days of writing a generic press release, sending it out to hundreds of media outlets and expecting news coverage. In most situations, it is best to do your research, come up with an interesting and relevant story, and then share it with a targeted reporter. Public relations today: storytelling As you refine your pitch, be sure to infuse an element of storytelling.

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Mobile Marketing

Why Wait to Start a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

This Halloween, I lost count of the ghouls and goblins ringing my doorbell at 46, but didn’t lose count of their adult guardians on their smartphones. That number was eight. Our mobile devices are part of nearly each and every aspect of our day. If you are like me, you need these devices to be helpful or they go by the wayside for something bigger, better or faster.

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Hacked Twitter

Hacked Twitter: Do You Have to Fake It To Make It?

Accounts like @Horse_ebooks, the point b were made to describe a straight line horizontally; — Horse ebooks (@Horse_ebooks) August 25, 2013 @RealCarrotFacts and If you hire a small man to hide a carrot in your house then you close your eyes and try to find it ,it will take 3 hours but it’s worth it — Carrot Facts (@RealCarrotFacts) August 6, 2013 @NotCoatFactory Hello have you enjoy a weather yet??

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