Clark Griswold Is Back, Sort Of

I think we can all agree that everyone’s favorite Christmas movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It has everything: chainsaws, squirrels, Ol’ Roy dog food from Walmart, a sewer explosion. If your favorite Christmas movie is something else, then you might be an emotional wreck. In your defense, you might not be. It’s too early to tell.

For those of you who aren’t emotional wrecks, you’ll be happy/sad to know that Old Navy brought back some of the cast of Christmas Vacation for it’s holiday ad campaign. There are three spots that feature some of the most memorable scenes from the movie. Clark, Ellen and Audry are all there, but you’ll notice there’s no Cousin Eddie. I assume that’s because he’s still on the run from the law. Check out the world’s most charming newspaper article on his whereabouts. There’s no Rusty in the first spot either, but when you take all three and average them out, you get one Rusty per spot, plus a bonus Johnny Mathis.

[youtube nEBGC62pjwA Christmas Vacation #1]
The nostalgia will get you through the first 15 seconds, but then you start to notice all the weirdos in pants that keep changing color.

[youtube IJszrRIBbpQ Christmas Vacation #2]
I thought all sweaters were soft. Who ever heard of a hard sweater? I’ve heard of someone who is sweating hard, but that’s a whole different Christmas enchilada. Doesn’t this set look exactly like the one in the movie? I’m pretty sure Johnny Mathis is wearing a lady’s suit, but God bless him for that microphone drop.

[youtube CBmvluvhNG8 Christmas Vacation #3]
Do you need a minute to recover from having your mind blown? Who would have thought that Old Navy would be the ones to bring you double Rusty and double Audry (I described it that way because I didn’t know if there was an apostrophe in “two Rusty’s.”) Technically, it’s triple if you count those two child decoys at the end, whom I reject. I assume we’re all sticking with the plan to ignore the existence of Vegas Vacation? Done and done.

[youtube vXdvTshWg9g Christmas Vacation #4]
Well this isn’t the Griswold family. Does this still count as a parody? At first I wondered what country they were in that it snows and the native language is Spanish. Then I remembered that you can speak Spanish wherever you want, even in the northern hemisphere. That language goes anywhere, just like Travel Connect Four! Feliz Navidad!


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