Things That Happened In The Office This Week

We had a Halloween Party. Check out the pictures on our Facebook page. The party was a huge success. I saw zero signs of boredom amongst the children.

The creative department held their annual pumpkin carving party. Behold our amazing creations!

Bruce’s Pumpkin
Mike’s Pumpkin
Jami’s Pumpkin


Greg’s Pumpkin


Heath’s Pumpkin


Kasey’s Pumpkin

Bruce currently holds the record for leaving his pumpkin in the office the longest (was found during the Halloween party the following year). Jeff is giving him a run for his rotten pumpkin money.

Halloween was not only Halloween, it was also Mike Dillon’s birthday. Marilyn (our HR dept.) refers to him as “our Halloween Baby”. The orange phone at his desk is a direct line to The Great Pumpkin, his close personal friend.

Without warning a man drove a lawnmower out of the office. Well, someone was warned, but none of the people that work in the vicinity of the lawnmower were warned. So hearing the mower start was a surprise. The aftermath of driving a mower through the office was department-wide headaches. Good news! We all made it through the night. We all appear to be fine. And yes, we have seen Mad Men. No one lost a foot…this time.

[youtube RuUDXlx0o_Q&list=UUmKDhYKLNC624As7MUNAinw&index=1&feature=plcp]

We’ve had candy sitting out for more than 2 days! This is a record. As Heath predicted, the Gobstoppers are going to be the last to go. Gobstoppers are candy for when you are absolutely desperate for candy. They’ll probably last through next week.

People posted on yammer. Well, at least one person did.

Bob Jackson, haver of twinkle-eyes, got a new car! Or SUV. He got a new vehicle and we’re all very excited about it!

And now it’s High Five Friday!

[youtube -mMRY2N6s2I]

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