There are TV commercials that we produced on the air right now, so I’m totally qualified to talk about this.

Fall TV
I once had a fever dream that featured an identical montage, except instead of the monkey, there was a shirtless Jon Hamm.

The beginning of the new TV season has arrived and let me tell you, I am partially thrilled about it. You see, this my fourth favorite time of the year

Current favorite-day-of-the-year rankings:
1. The Wednesday evening before Thanks giving as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere.
2. The Friday afternoon of Memorial Day weekend, as long as it’s sunny.
3. December 23, when you can feel the Christmas magic and are anticipating the fun, but you’re not with your whole family yet and haven’t remembered that they drive you nuts.
4. The beginning of the new TV season. Told you!

So as you have surely deduced, I’m content but not all up in people’s faces about it.

With this new TV season comes the opportunity to see a bunch of new commercials, like this little gem:

[youtube YCvhX1_8Ji8 Edible Arrangements]

Sidebar: that was super-trippy, right? I mean, the Edible Arrangements village, then the franchise owner (Annunziata! My happiness isn’t a bargaining tool!) who was maybe a robot, but certainly a registered citizen. Follow that up with the suggestion that I’m supposed to eat chocolate-covered strawberries with my boss for Bosses Day like it’s our 15th anniversary and we’re at the nice hotel we always pass on our way to Branson. If you know one thing about me, Edible Arrangements, it’s that I only stay at hotels that you’d never pass on the way to Branson. And my boss and I are married to totally different people! Pay attention.

And we’re back, faithful reader(s).

As each year passes, people use their DVRs more and more and this year will be no exception.  The internet tells me that TV rating analysts say that your average TV show gets a roughly 27% boost when you factor in viewers who have DVR’d and watched in the three days after the episode’s original airdate (if you wait longer than three days, then your viewing is all for naught – sucker!). Last year was only an 18% boost.

Let’s look at some statistics from the first full week of the TV season in the 18-49 demographic!

Revolution on NBC jumped 51%
Hawaii Five-0 on CBS jumped 41%
New Girl on Fox jumped 38%

These are all impressive numbers, but when you compare them to their competitors, only New Girl’s DVR numbers changed their standing in ratings. Before the DVR boost, NBC’s Go On had an equal rating in the 18-49 demographic and after DVR was factored in, New Girl enjoyed a comfortable lead and won the timeslot. Based on the other data that I find oddly interesting, this scenario is the exception, not the rule. In most cases, after DVR numbers are negotiated into the equation, they tend to only reinforce the  standings determined by the pre-DVR ratings, not change them. To the surprise of no one, the shows with younger audiences see the biggest difference and the shows on CBS are still being recorded almost exclusively on VHS.

I think we can all agree that the real takeaway here is that you should watch the commercials because advertisers are kind people who want you to be pretty.

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