Logo Makeovers and The Things We Say About Them

Newer than the new Jan Brady!

Wendy’s recently introduced a new logo that they will begin using in the coming months. While we cannot take credit for the new look, as one of their marketing partners, we can tell you that we think it looks great because they’re our client and we think it’s true. Not only did Wendy get a new font, she has highlights now!

This new logo got me thinking about some other recent logo changes from a variety of companies (but mostly places that serve food because I’m hungry). Some were more successful than others, some were reminders that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and still others are proof that a Creative Director will lie to your face about how great a logo is if he doesn’t feel like working on it anymore.

Arby'sI had no idea that the Arby’s logo needed to be updated until I saw the new and old logos right next to each other. I feel like the new logo pays homage to the previous logo, while introducing some new trends. 3-D is all the rage with the teens now, so why not incorporate it into the logo? And any text message sent from a high school hallway proves that they hate grammar rules, so you’re out of luck, upper-case “A.” Does anyone else think the brim of the hat looks like a sausage? That is a hat, right? If it’s a sock puppet, I’ll be livid. I’m going to go ahead and say it: we can all coexist with this new logo.

AOLAOL? I had no idea AOL was still around. Huh. Well, I guess even grandparents and serial killers like for their email provider to freshen up their logo every once in a while. I’m thrilled for the circle that it was included in the update, but I could have done without the pyramid (or four pyramids, if we’re counting). It reminds me of the Guess jeans logo, which subsequently reminds me of tight-rolling, which subsequently reminds me of Color Me Badd and their aggressive threats of sexing one up. Thank heavens that everything is capitalized correctly.


I like the new logo. I should point out that I also liked the old one. Who doesn’t love apples? People are constantly saying, “How do you like them apples?” I LOVE them! It’s weird, but I could take or leave applesauce. Back to the logo, what the new version gives up in Rainbow Brite-ness, it makes up for with shine and shimmer (which are also wonderful names for expensive dogs, but not really suitable for children). The line across the middle area of the apple (its torso?) shows it knows a thing or two about proportions and how to make a fruit look taller. Plus, no registered trademark symbol that hogs all the attention. Eyes up here, buddy!

Baskin Robbins

Another old-timey font bites the dust. Times New Roman-adjacent fonts are really having a rough go of things lately. I love how they incorporated the number “31” into the middle of the logo. Now I keep thinking the spine of the “B” and the curve and leg of the “R” are a “1” and a “2.” Does that mean they have 1,312 flavors now? That’s too much for me. I’m only 24*, Basking Robbins! I can’t be left to deal with that many flavors in a mature and thoughtful manner. I look to you to narrow my choices to something I can deal with. No nuts, please. Also, again with the no capitalization. Expect a call from Mr. Mark Lunde and enjoy the last moments you’ll have with your family because you’ll never be the same.

*This is a lie. I despise you for already knowing that.


It’s clear that the new logo is an update, but it’s still an older gentleman in a string tie (also known as a bolo tie for men who are feeling a little southern today, but not that southern) who just did something hilarious that he has no intention of telling you about. I’m sure it has something to do with his secret herbs and spices (I wonder if his first name is Cheech?). Kudos to the artist who changed everything by changing almost nothing. I like the new apron, too. It’s a good way to hide any extra weight you’ve gained from eating this atrocity (540 calories? Is that per bite?). Anyway, he certainly looks less likely to invite you to a Klan rally.

Seattle's Best

Does this look like the rear view of a rabbit wearing a diaper to anyone else? That’s a tough image to pull off when you’re using Microsoft Word to design a logo. While the updated logo is much less majestic than the previous one, it does convey a sense of economic sensibility since it would probably cost less to print the cups and POP for the store. I don’t know why they lost the TM symbol. Are they daring someone to steal their artwork? See ya, smooth-roasted. Only rough-roasting from here on out! Also, the apostrophe is still in the right place, even though it’s a holier-than-thou bullet point now. As if.

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