Bras for the Cause 2012

Bras for the Cause  is a non-profit organization that raises money to provide mammograms and cervical screenings to under-insured and uninsured Iowans. You can find out more about all the good they do at their website. And while you’re there find out about some of the good YOU can do by helping them out.  SA is proud to be participating for our 4th year.

I am happy to report it has been a banner year for our SA Bras for the Cause fundraising! You’re going down, cancer!

Week One: Bake Sale
This was the Friday that we threw our wellness plans out the window. It was for a good cause so it was okay! Little known fact: You can eat an entire cake and not gain a pound as long as you’re eating it for charity. The break room was absolutely filled with baked goods. All day. When dinnertime finally rolled around I had yet to work up an appetite. I guess that is proof that I am a good person.

Week Two: Drink Pink
Someone said, “We should do this everyday.” While that would be nice, it might be what people call “too much of a good thing”. Slippery slopes and all that.

Pink Beer
Sans Alcohol Option
Plenty of Alcohol Option

Super Fancy

Pink Lemonade Stand
Week Three: Chili Cook-Off
The chili cook-off was the Grand Finale of our fundraising, a delicious finale it was. People were ready to eat lunch at approximately 10 am. We had beautiful table of chili accoutrements. The winner of best chili (winner by a landslide!), the Bra Team’s own, April Gaxiola! Her special ingredients included bacon and beer. There were 7 chili options, all of them delicious, one made by Hormel.

The winner!
And, of course, there was the bra unveiling the Bras for the Cause bra unveiling. We are proud to present, BRAman’s Chinese Theater. If you’d like to see our creation in person (and all the other creations) CLICK HERE for a schedule of bra events.
Thank you to everyone for donating food, drinks, money and enthusiasm. Thank you to Mike and John Schreurs, our our Bra Bros, for all your support year after year.

And a super special thank you to Kendall Dillon for donating one of her amazing desserts as a prize and to Mr. John Dalby of Integrity Printing for his second year of prize contributions.

Wish us luck getting into the calendar this year! Let’s take a trip down memory/mammary lane and look at our bras of years past.

Rubik’s Boob
Ms. Pac-MAMM
How The Breast Was Won
Strategic AmeriCANS

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Don’t forget to schedule your mammogram! One client Broadlawn’s offers 3D mammography. You can read more about that HERE. They were the first in the state to do so, very cutting edge. To schedule an appointment call 515-282-2309.

In the words of Jerry Springer, take care of yourself and each other.

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