Toilet Paper gets Political

I took an informal poll (I read my Facebook feed.) and it turns out that people are sick of political ads. Another informal poll (This poll was conducted by observing people’s reactions after mentioning the Charmin Bears.) tells me that people have mixed feelings about the Charmin Bears. Like any good politician, Charmin doesn’t pay attention to polls. They did, what they felt, was the logical thing and brought these two polarizing subjects together.

Photo: Business Wire

Friday, August 26th Charmin launched their 2012 Toilet Paper Election campaign. It turns out that August 26th is National Toilet Paper Day. Who knew? Happy belated TP day, readers! The election kicked off in Flushing, Queens. A location previously made famous in The Nanny intro. Whatever your feelings on the bears may be, you can’t deny Charmin’s sense of humor.

“Vote Charmin Ultra Strong. Vote Charmin Ultra Strong. Either way you can’t go wrong.”They both focus on the issues, butts and keeping them both clean and comfortable.

[youtube Iq1T-GbKeM4]

Ultra strong is good for “big business and little business”. He also enjoys texting on the toilet. Bears, they’re just like us! Ultra soft is proud to be soft on issues. They ask us the age old question, “How do you enjoy the go?” Some people enjoy it by not talking about it, others celebrate their toilet time sending #tweetsfromtheseat. Follow Charmin on twitter for some delightful toilet humor:@charmin
You can also make your vote count on Charmin’s facebook page.

In case you were wondering, Ultra Soft is in the lead.

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