SA Volleyball – Week Seven

Don't you feel like we're beautiful?
Don’t you feel like we’re beautiful?

School is back in session and I’ve completed the first draft of my Fall Sweater Strategy. That can only mean that the 2012 Volleyball Season for your Strategic Americans has come to a close. We didn’t compile as many victories as we would have liked this summer, but we picked up a lot of experience and a few awards/distinctions along the way (Most Likely to Wonder What Just Happened, “Not In The Face!” Award for unintentionally blocking a spiked ball while flailing about and the “Eyes Up Here” Award for appropriate female athletic attire). Did your Strategic Americans bring home victory number two? Did we live our best life, per Oprah? Call Gayle – let’s recap!

Players in Attendance:
Jim, Rob, Mike, Heath, Jessica, Bianca, Kelsey (not Kelcey) and Jessie

Let’s Break This Down:
• This game had everything! Fans, SUPER fans, frozen drink, a female opponent who kept trying to use her shirt to make it look like she wasn’t wearing shorts (Shady Shorts!) and that thing where we use the term “Good Lovin’” as a direction, for encouragement, as a compliment and a rallying cry.
• As our first game began, the volleyball proved to be a little evasive. It seemed like every time we hit it, we sent it in the wrong direction or missed it altogether.  The ball was unruly, meandering and messed up my hair. It was like a sombrero. Or Bondurant.
• The second game started out on a much more promising note. All of the dudes were determined to close out the season on a high note, which meant we got a piping-hot pep talk from Jim, Rob delivered another solid performance and Mike was patrolling the court like a security guard with a real gun. It was like when my aunt told me she bought her clothes at Sam’s Club – everything was making complete sense.
• The SA women also brought it last night. They were a flurry of athleticism and control. Jessica turned it out (action photo taken by Kasey) and Bianca, Kelsey and Jessie were all over the court, using volleyball terms and scoring points and diving and such.
• A woman playing in a neighboring court declared, “I’m going to be a sweaty mess when this is all over!” while I silently wept for the Mickey Mouse embroidered on her t-shirt. Poor Mickey never stood a chance.
• The third match was like that time Elton John called Madonna a fairground stripper – no one was quite sure what circumstances had led us to this point, but we certainly weren’t going to start asking a bunch of questions. We just wanted to compete, you guys! In related news, area fairground strippers are wondering if you’ve seen their smokes. Also, we didn’t win. Boo.

Look at all the pictures and video from Kasey!

[youtube o_-G7_GI0IQ SA Volleyball Action]

Team Photo!
Team Photo!
Jessica Action Shot!
Jessica Action Shot!
Mike Action Shot!
Mike Action Shot!

Game One: SA 7, Other Team 15
Game Two: SA 11, Other Team 15
Game Three: SA 13, Other Team 15
Match Winner: Other Team

Current Record: 1 for 7

Two Things Overheard at the Game:

“Well I’d like to help, but not as much as I’d like not to.”

“Are you calling me irrational? Because I’ll tear your head off. I’ll tear if off and I’ll throw it over that fence.”

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