An Idea “Too Far” Ahead of the Times

3D has long been an “up and coming” idea, especially as electronic companies develop gaming devices and televisions for consumers to use inside their home. Because of this, marketers are beginning to look at how to capitalize on this opportunity. The biggest question that lingers around the concept of marketing in 3D is whether it is worth the investment of 3D equipment to create ads and promotions.

If you are targeting video game users of the new Nintendo 3DS, then the answer is absolutely because the gaming device they’re using has 3D capabilities. But what about your sports fans, do they truly care if your ads are in 3D? Maybe, but it won’t make a difference if they do not have a 3D television set.

How 3D Works

Why isn’t everyone going 3D if Nintendo and TV production companies, such as LG and Toshiba, are producing 3D devices that don’t require glasses? The ability to see things in 3D only works at certain distances and angles, often referred to as the “sweet spot”, which greatly hinders this concept.

Not everyone can share this sweet spot at once so only some users can get the 3D experience. So the non-glasses 3D TV has a miniature sweet spot not fit for a group and the regular 3D TV has the ugly, expensive glasses. It begins to make perfect sense why marketers aren’t jumping at the chance to pursue marketing in 3D.

Why Marketers Should Hold Back

The lack of consistency and dedication to pursue opportunities to see everything in 3D should deter marketers. Although being a first mover has its advantages, jumping on this bandwagon is a one-way ticket to nowhere.

Not enough of any market is fully engulfed in 3D TVs (with or without glasses) and Nintendo 3DS to make it worthwhile to invest money in this concept. The best route for anyone is to wait out the storm and let things calm. For all we know, in a year 3D might completely disappear from TVs, smartphones and gaming systems. From what I see, there looks to be little promise in 3D’s future.

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